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4 Reasons Why An Internship Is Essential For Your Career

You need experience to gain experience. This is a conundrum faced by young adults transitioning into a professional career. Employers heavily depend on candidates’ resume whether it’s an internship, work history, or in-job experience. Imagine you are not selected for a job because of lack of experience, and then all you need is experience to supplement your skills and educational…

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Top 5 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2018

Software development is a dynamic and rapidly changing field. Developers should to stay updated and learn continuously or risk being considered redundant. Programming Languages, tools and frameworks can emerge, rise to fame, and fade out in no time. Developers who look to keep their career on track should gain advanced skills. Programmers should know at least 3-5 programming languages and…

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How to Become a Good PHP Developer? Checkout These Essentials

PHP programmers develop Programs, Applications, and Websites using the dynamic scripting language. PHP is known for web development and business applications. Depending on job functions, PHP developers may be classified as software developers or web developers. Before selecting it as your career, make sure that this career is well suited to your skills and interests. Enjoy learning, technical skill, creative…

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How to Build a Successful Career in Accounts & Finance

  The world of accounting is very rewarding and satisfying for bright youngsters with a penchant for numbers and attention to details. To be successful in accounting and finance world, a few non-technical qualities is necessary. Check out a few pointers to build your accounting career:   Acquire more skills, be always useful In today’s changing business world if you…

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An introduction to Software Testing as a career

The process of Software Testing is the purpose of identifying any errors, gaps or missing requirement so that the application functions according to the end user’s requirement. Software Testing is not a process which should be done after the completion of developing the software. Testing can start from the moment you started gathering the requirements. Like every job, software tester…

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7 tips to be a successful web designer

There are numerous things one should keep in mind while planning to build a career in the field of web designing. Only with constant effort and hard work one can become a successful web designer. One should have dedication and patience to cope up with the challenges to achieve the desired aim. Setup powerful communication skills To be a successful…

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5 Tips to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Career in 2018

Building a successful Digital Marketing career all the way from scratch requires good planning and strategy. Often, fresh graduates are very confused regarding their path forward. Here, we share five Digital Marketing career tips to get you off with the right push: Choosing a Digital Marketing Career If you have to select one of the most sought after career paths,…

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IOOM Global was conceived as a bridge between industry requirements and the academic curriculum in colleges. We train students on the latest technologies and equip them to be ready to join the industry. Since its start, the institute has been able to equip fresh graduates with industry relevant skills and all of them were successfully placed in multinational Companies. IOOM…

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