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5 Tips to Make your CV/Resume Effective & Appealing

Effective Resume from IOOMAt the time when you have found a job, the perfect job, as it’s an ideal match for your skills and interests. The problem you might face now is that your CV looks old-fashioned and outmoded. As experts point out a good CV is your own reflection. The question you should be asking yourself will be – What can you do to make it stand out from others and help you gain the job? The key motive should be – SELL YOURSELF.

Your CV should be able to showcase  every skill you have and you should view it as your own personal sales proposal. Here, we’ve listed some straightforward tips which is highly effective to help you stand out from the crowd and market yourself better.

  1. Multiple Resumes

Putting Yourself in other’s shoes is a skill everyone should have in their arsenal. You can easily grab attention of your employers if you can view the job opportunity from their perspective. They view a job listing as an opportunity to fill the gap in their team and progress to their set goals. Instead of creating one CV that’s a good enough fit for every job, create multiple CVs, each of which emphasizes a different aspect of your skill-set, according to the employer’s skill-set requirement

Effective Resume from IOOM


  1. Study the Employer

Demonstrating your skills and experience aren’t the only things which matters in winning a job, it’s also about showing that you are worth the selection for the company’s requirements. For doing so, you should study the firm and their goals and methods, what uniqueness they possess, etc. Study their competitors; learn the market in which they have a presence. Learn as much as you can before you start customizing your CV. Study the employer not before the interview, but before you make your CV for them.

  1. Value Proposition

For a business, their goal of any hiring is to build value. There won’t be much difference in most of the CV’s as they won’t contain any value proposition. Everyone lists skills and past jobs as items in their inventory but without expressing how it matters to make the applicant unique. Try to explain what special value you can offer that only a few or no other candidates can match, and how you are the right choice to solve specific problems. Be specific, and never be afraid to make concrete statements about yourself.

Effective Resume from IOOM

  1. Express your Enthusiasm

As a job seeker, the number of competitors is high as there would be a lot of applicants for a job opening and only few are interviewed. Enthusiasm is the key to turning the odds in your favor. You should customize your CV expressing your enthusiasm, to convince the employer and call you for an interview. Even if you are not familiar with a company’s goals, make it as clear as possible that you’re natural fit with real enthusiasm for that specific job you are vying for.

  1. Proofreading

Proofreading is something which you shouldn’t ignore anytime. A single typo is more than enough to ruin your CV and could possibly destroy the chances of being selected. Before sending your CV, proofread and double check whether you have made any mistakes or grammatical errors. Making errors in emails or messages is forgivable. However, CV is an important document that markets your personal brand. Be careful and confident in making your first step.

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