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4 Reasons Why An Internship Is Essential For Your Career

ioom internship for your future Why Internship

You need experience to gain experience. This is a conundrum faced by young adults transitioning into a professional career. Employers heavily depend on candidates’ resume whether it’s an internship, work history, or in-job experience.

Imagine you are not selected for a job because of lack of experience, and then all you need is experience to supplement your skills and educational qualifications. Internships are the only option which you need to think about and it’s the perfect plan of action.


We have assembled a list of reasons for pursuing internship:

Exposure and Real-Life Experience

Doing an internship is always valuable. It will give you exposure to new people, professionals and real-life working culture & environment. Interns are given proper training, assignments and duties without being exposed to heavy work pressure. Such an exposure would provide you with a good feel of the professional world and thus you will acquire an ability to plan your career well. This is very important as the specific education you’ve earned might not always translate into a career.


Opportunity to know yourself

To know yourselves means discovering your own goals and knowing how to achieve them. Doing it with clarity is pretty difficult, but, sometimes trying something new out of your comfort zone can open up an entire new world for you. Experience in any department will let you take the decision on whether you should continue with that career or should you change the path. The experiences we go through are what shape us.

ioom internship for your future Why Internship

Stay connected

To advance in your professional career, it is always helpful to be in touch with industry veterans. Networking is sharing of info between two persons with a goal of better future and is essential for your career growth. Your ability to build your network can be a life changer, be ready to network anywhere, anytime.


Make Resume Effective

A resume is your first sales pitch to a prospective employer. The first step in getting a great job is, of course, getting an interview for that.  Once in front of an interviewer, you can elaborate about yourself as the best option for them. When an employer sees that you have completed an internship, it will help you to convince the employer that you will be a big asset to the company.

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