This course would equip you as an international level PHP developer. It focuses on building the right foundation and would develop you as an expert. On successfully completing the course, you would receive job offers like Full stack Developer, PHP Web Developer, and Backend Developer.
PHP course focuses on Database Connectivity, CSS and Code Igniter. Under these broad focuses, the course would deal extensively on MySQL Database, Database connectivity using DBMS & RDBMS, PHP & MySQL; applying CSS to a web page including backgrounds, pseudo-classes, classes and ID margins; Code igniter libraries, creating core classes, auto-loading resources, using common functions, error handling.

Training Topics

    1st Month
  • Fundamentals of PHP
  • Advanced PHP Development
  • How to build a CMS
  • How to create an image upload website
  • How to set up paypal instant payment notification
    2nd Month
  • Introduction to CodeIgniter
  • PHP MVC Pattern
  • Learn PHP Programming from scratch
  • MySQL Fundamentals
  • PHP and MySQL Integration
    3rd Month
  • PHP Development with Laravel
  • PHP Object-oriententation programming
  • Using PHP data objects
  • PHP project doing
  • Testing

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