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An introduction to Software Testing as a career

The process of Software Testing is the purpose of identifying any errors, gaps or missing requirement so that the application functions according to the end user’s requirement. Software Testing is not a process which should be done after the completion of developing the software. Testing can start from the moment you started gathering the requirements. Like every job, software tester should also possess a certain skill set. It can be both Technical and Non-Technical.

Non-Technical Skills


A good software tester should have great analytical skills which help in breaking up a complex software system to gain better understanding and create test cases.


A software tester should have good verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills. Test cases, strategies and bug reports sent to developers should be easily understandable and should fulfill the requirements.

Time Management & Organization

Sometimes testing could be a demanding job, especially at the time of releasing codes. A tester should efficiently manage workload, time, skills and should have higher productivity.


To be a great tester you should have a great attitude towards it. You should be willing to learn and suggest for improvements and keep his/her technical skills up to date.


Passionate people will always be successful in their career. A Tester should always have passion towards the job and keep learning more about it, which will make you top-notch.

Software testing as career

Technical Skills

Basic Knowledge of Database

Software Systems have a large amount of data in the background. The tester should be capable of validating the data, if required, from databases like Oracle, MySQL using SQL queries.

Basic Knowledge of Linux Commands

A tester should have good working knowledge of all Linux Commands as all the Web services, Application Servers and Databases are deployed on Linux servers

Knowledge and Hands-on Experience of a Test Management Tool

The tester should be capable of managing testing related artifacts. He/She should have knowledge and experience on test management tools like Testlink, which is used to track test cases.

Knowledge and Hands-on Experience of any Defect Tracking tool

It’s pretty critical to track & manage the defects properly. The entire team should know about the defects and tools used to lock defects are Bugzilla, QC, Jira etc.

Knowledge and Hands-on Experience of Automation tool

After working on manual testing for a couple of years and mastering it, you should also master the automation tools and get in-depth. Apart from that you should also have hands-on experience to get the most out of it.

It is important to get exposed to various technologies and skill sets before attending job interviews. A candidate with some experience will be always preferred over a greenhorn for testing jobs. To build your experience, internships are the easy way out. We can help you in getting your first entry into the corporate world. To know more about internship opportunities, call us at 9846678833 or contact at us here.


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