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5 Tips to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Career in 2018

Building a successful Digital Marketing career all the way from scratch requires good planning and strategy. Often, fresh graduates are very confused regarding their path forward. Here, we share five Digital Marketing career tips to get you off with the right push:

Choosing a Digital Marketing Career

If you have to select one of the most sought after career paths, Digital Marketing will surely find a place in that list. A deep interest on the working of the internet and a curiosity to constantly learn new trends can help you develop a career in digital marketing.

Companies are fast adopting digital marketing as it allows them to measure consumer behaviour on a granular level. Customers share a lot of digital footprints while searching for a product or service. In fact, each and every aspect step of a customer’s journey can be traced by a skilled digital marketer. Thus, to be a successful digital marketer, it is important to have good analytical skills along with a creative bent of mind.

For a youngster like you, with a lot of creative ideas and sharp analytical abilities, digital marketing can be a great choice forward as a career. So, understand your personality and skill sets to lay the right foundation for a Digital Marketing career.

Digital Marketing Tips fromIOOM Global

Let’s understand about the essential steps to become a successful digital marketer:

Explore New Trends

First, Digital Marketer, like the traditional marketer, should be obsessed about his/her customer. Learning as much as you can about your potential customers would bolster your chances of running a successful digital campaign. Hence, ‘Research’ should be your constant mantra.

Become Your Own Master

Second, Marketing is an art and it is always better to be trained by a master. Try to get access to a digital marketing veteran and learn the tricks of the trade. This will help you learn fast, acquire skills and to avoid burnout.

Once you start learning under a master and start thinking according to our first step, then it is time to market yourself as the first client. Let’s build your online presence and make you highly sought after as an entry-level digital marketer.

Digital Marketing Tips fromIOOM Global


Learn Fast, Learn Smart

Start updating yourself on a frenetic pace, as the competitions are so high you should be creative and skilled as well as fast and energetic. So using your creativity and knowing the latest trends and working on it can add-on to build a successful career in digital marketing.

Knowing Analytics

Use your google account to link with analytics tools like Google Analytics, right away. Link your websites and blogs to the analytics account and you will be able to track and analyse user behaviour in your digital property. This will give you a bird’s eye-view about your progress and potential improvements. Reflect on such insights and create better campaigns, it will be a journey of constant improvement. Analytics platforms enable one to track how the leads and individual prospects are interacting with various channels over time. Having an awareness of this data will make it easy to understand the priorities and marketing strategies. Many such analytics platforms can be used free-of-cost, so you don’t have any reason not to try them.

Build Your Portfolio

Be prepared for entry-level jobs or internship programs: it’s possible to start your career by volunteering your services to small enterprises who can’t afford highly paid professionals. Joining a start-up or doing internships can help you gain experience. Create a publicly visible portfolio and keep updating the folder with your latest work.

Start implementing these tips and let’s know if you are looking for a break into digital marketing. We can help you. To know about our assistance program, call 919846678833.

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