An object-oriented language that helps to create many real-world solutions, Java is always in demand. Its usefulness has made it relevant to the smallest devices to super computers. Java’s wide applications make it a great addition to your skill sets and would help you to get great jobs. It brings to table, an ability to integrate across any architecture and thus is widely preferred in today’s networked world.
As Java technologies are accepted across the world, it is important for a Software-engineering candidate like you to gain expertise in this programming language. IOOM could help you gain expertise in Java through its live practical oriented training and help you get a job as a Java Developer.

Training Topics

    1st Month
  • Java Basics - OOPS Concept
  • Advanced concepts in Java
  • GUI in Java
  • MySQL Query
  • Java Database Management
    2nd Month
  • HTML and CSS
  • Exploring Javascript, Ajax, jQuery
  • Java application development in eclipse/ Netbeans
  • Introduction to JSP
  • Introduction to Java frameworks
    3rd Month
  • Project Module description
  • Project based database design
  • Project coding
  • Testing
  • Implementation of Project

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