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The business benefits promised by sales technology can be indefinable. Customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), enterprise resource planning (ERP), web portals, real-time communication, web sites, collaboration, presence, email, voice mail, unified messaging, mobile web, fax servers, wiki's, instant messaging (IM), personal data assistants (PDAs), tablets, projectors, Blackberries...raspberries!! As a sales professional, these sales technology tools are enough to make your head spin; as a CIO they're a nightmare scenario of independent "open" systems that make supporting organizational technology a constant uphill battle. As a sales VP or CEO you must ask yourself when technology becomes a burden rather than a benefit.

  • What are sales technology tools?
  • How to use technology for sales effectiveness
  • Categorize technology to avoid pitfalls
  • Develop sales technology plan
  • Technologies used for field sales

  • Identify the role of technology and social media in sales process
  • Determine sales technology tools
  • Use technology for client research and lead generation
  • Determine the non-verbal elements of sales negotiation
  • How to draw on technologies to analyse of customer and competitor information to improve the strategic focus of sales activities
  • Identify technologies to implement in different sales field
  • Use technologies for effective sales
  • Efficient use of technology for efficiency in sales reporting and monitoring

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