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Sales are the activities involved in selling products or services in return for money or other compensation. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity (a trade). The role of the salesman is to produce profitable sales revenue through effective sales and marketing activity. Effective negotiation is a key component in any business result and knowing how to negotiate effectively while selling will help you to get a better result every time. Sales negotiation skills are required to build competitive edge though maintaining presence that allows you to build positive relationships and maximum value. Mastery of the sales negotiation process is a vital for effective selling and individual and team contribution that drives business growth.

Sales Negotiation Skill is a proven and very practical approach to sales negotiation that covers the basic elements of the sales negotiation process. The program takes a complete view of sales negotiations at a normal level and introduces the delegate to the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitude required to behave effectively and confidently manage any sales negotiation to a great result.

  • What is sales negotiation?
  • The Benefits of Effective Sales Negotiation
  • Different types of sales negotiation
  • Understanding selling essentials
  • Process involved in sales negotiation
  • Sales negotiation tactics and mistakes

  • Determine your role as a sales negotiator
  • Determine how to improve profits and value in every sales negotiation
  • Determine the non-verbal elements of sales negotiation
  • Identify how to manage the emotional and behavioural dimension of sales negotiation
  • Identify techniques to create a positive sales negotiating environment
  • Identify a toolkit that offers a range of options and solutions to trouble spot, bargain and close any deal
  • Recognize how to assess risk and implement contingency in event of non-agreement
  • Produce drive to self-develop in negotiation
  • Produce positive impact on the overall performance of each delegate and the organization

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