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Resource Planning or Human Resource Planning is understood as the process of forecasting an organizations future demand for, and supply of, the right type of people in the right number.

Human Resource Planning(HRP)is the process which helps the management of the organization in meeting the future demand of human resource in the organization with the supply of the appropriate people in appropriate numbers at the appropriate time and place. The course also describes how to successfully achieve the strategies and objectives of organization by effective HRP.

  • Resource planning
  • Identifying needs
  • Marketing values

  • Forecasting demand for human resources
  • Estimating manpower gaps
  • Matching demand and supply

  • Forecasting human resource demand analysis
  • Quantitative techniques for forecasting human resource demand

  • Describe the steps to an effective resource planning
  • Develop a resource planning strategy
  • Discuss the steps involved in forecasting demand
  • Explain quantitative and qualitative forecasting techniques
  • Explain methods for matching demand and supply of human resource

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