Importance of Practical Training in Corporate World

Importance of Practical Training in Corporate World


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Nowadays the world is rapidly changes especially in working life, society and corporate world. Today, corporate world require practically skilled employees. There is no importance for people who have only theoretical knowledge. In a continually changing and quick paced corporate world, practical training is a necessary task. Practical training give opportunity for employees to gain new abilities, improve existing ones, perform better, increment efficiency and be better pioneers.

Practical training means studying which takes place in a business or company, given the opportunity to students adapt what she or he has learned in practice and develop professionally. Since practical training is part of the student’s studies, it must be well-planned and supervised.

There are several objectives of practical training and tries to identify whether gaining experience, enhancing skill and proficiency, producing highly demand in job market and balance between theory and application has significant with students taken practical training. As a result of findings, we found that many variables has significant with the importance of the practical training and realizes that the practical training is the best medium to gain experience and think it is importance to see how work in real situation as well as a possible medium to enhance skills and proficiency. In order to make students realize the important of practical training, the awareness of the respondents towards the organizations demand for experienced, educates, skillful and quality graduates has made them believe the importance of the practical training.

Today many of organizations started for delivering better practical training programs for career building. It increases the performance of employees. The company is fully aware of the need to give its students a practical exposure to the corporate world so that they will be in a better position to understand the relationship between theory and practice. In order to achieve this, the practical training has been designed which enables candidates to gain exposure by being trained under the corporate sector as management trainees or marketing trainees.

The role of training is to improve the organization’s effectiveness by providing employees with the knowledge, attitude and skill that will enhance their current or future job performances. At the same time, effective training must address the personal needs of the employees, helping them to learn, to grow, and to cope with the issues that are important to them. The attitude of employees toward their organization affects the employee motivation and performance. Training itself can play role in how positively employees view the organization. Team development is another important aspect of training and it is also important to note that it will increase the cohesiveness of the group and will reduce conflict. This can help in team building and creating a “we” feeling among the group members. Another important is career development of the employees through training and development. Training in corporate always creates a platform for employees to understand themselves on their potentials and help them to construct a passionate career for them.

Training and development are the processes that attempt to provide an employee with the skills and information for their personal and professional development. In addition, training program is designed to help a person continue to make positive contribution in the form of good performance. The quality practical training program will be helpful for the employees to meet the daily challenge of managing professional and personal responsibilities in fact life skills training program helps in establishing a good work life balance.


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